Wednesday, December 15, 2010

insurance tips

As the world economy improves, more and more people are acquiring cars. However, the biggest headache for a majority has always been how to get affordable insurance quotations. It is a mandatory requirement by all states and governments that all car owners have some form of basic car insurance. This is to protect other road users from loses that might be incurred after an accident. The process of selecting an inexpensive and reliable insurance firm is not a task for the faint hearted. A good insurance cover goes beyond third party policy cover to protecting you against financial ruin due to theft, fire and accidents.

Discussed herein are different methods to enable you obtain affordable car insurance

Ways through which you can get cheap insurance
Secure your car: Whether you are buying a new or second hand car, ensure that it has been installed with some form of security system installed, e.g. an alarm. These are safety measures against unauthorised access to your car and as such stand a chance of obtaining a discount on the insurance.

Multiple car discounts: Most households today have at least two cars. There are insurance firms that offer insurance cover for two cars at the price of one. In some cases, the cost of the second car would be much lower. It is advisable that when in the market for insurance quote that you ask about discount on the second car.

Annual Policies: Whereas, paying for bi-annual policies might appear cheaper at closer look its more expensive when compared to annual policies. Selecting an annual policy can save you some cost on your car. Moreover, you are not affected by insurance rates that may change half way through the year.

Clean Driving License: The more accidents you cause on the road the more you are likely to pay on premiums. When driving on the road it's recommended that you take extra caution even if you are on the right side of the law.

When scouting for insurance agents, instead of looking newspaper and yellow pages advertisement, to get cheap insurance quotes, make use of the internet. This provides you with the advantage of scrutinising hundreds of insurance companies that can meet your needs at reasonable prices, e.g. insurance cover for women, students and elderly. This is in contrast with having to walk from one company to another thus saving you time, energy and money in the process.

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